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"Breaking the cycle"

Everybody is raised by somebody. It might be both parents, a single parent, a family member or even someone who chose to adopt. Everyone has a different method when it comes to how they want to bring up their child. We're all not going to agree on some things, but we can all agree on loving them. Or so I would hope so. The one thing I don't see anymore is the village. You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child". Back in the day everybody was on your butt making sure you did right at home and in school. You know you use to hate hearing your mom telling your business on the phone, " You know Ebs skip school today". Mom get off the phone! LOL! When you got it at home you knew you couldn't go to your grandparents or aunt house and they don't get in your butt too. We even grew up with our parents best friends who were our play aunts and uncles. Some of us still have that today and some of us don't.

Some of us are so quick to say that nobody better not say anything to nor touch their child but will not teach their child the proper method of respect. Kids today are out here wild and lost. Feel free to disagree but it starts at home. It starts with the village. The examples we place in our children lives. Sitting in the house playing video games and barbie dolls, wearing Jordan's and Polo is not showing them how to live. We are quick to show our children how and what to spend their money on but not properly showing them how to save and invest. How to get an education or start a business, why not both! I understand it's hard for single parents, I once was there, but its just as hard for married parents as well. Here is where the village comes into place . A child is only going to listen to their parents to a certain extent, we know this. That's why having other influences are so important. I know we don't want to deal with other peoples children all the time, but I promise you nobody is asking you to. We just need you where it counts.

I once was a single mother with one child and of course it was hard but I tried my best to maintain the few people who were positive role models in my oldest son's life because I knew I couldn't do it alone. Even as a married mother with a second child, plus step-children I'm extra careful of my village. What kill me though are the people who call you sis or bro but never nowhere to be found when needed. It's one thing to say your there for someone and actually being there. Don't let the words come out of your mouth if you know you don't want to be bother with. Let's keep it honest all 2020, LOL. People make time for people who matter to them. And let's just say a lot of people have shown me that I don't matter. I went through my whole second pregnancy with nobody to be found except a mother I became friends with from my son's football team. And a sister-cousin that moved in the same area from out of state. What would I have done without them. My husband was working 12 plus hours worried about me having someone to be there incase he couldn't leave work fast enough. I just LOVE THAT MAN! But like I was saying, who you calling sis? Not in this new decade. My family needs dependable love from dependable people. We need a village. Yes, I said what I said. But let's not get it twisted we have a small town but they know how much we love and appreciate them. Our village may be small at the moment but they have proven time after time that we matter to them just as much as they matter to us.

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