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“Can’t Give Up Now!”

It is so exciting when we have all of these ideas and dreams exploding through our heads. We want to attempt everything and bring it to life. While doing so we think everything would be smooth sailing and everybody will support and help the vision become clear. What if we do not have that smooth lift off as we thought, feeling like a failure out the gate.

I cannot begin to tell you how often I have wanted to quit, give up, prove the naysayers right. I have had so many different ideas that I have been very passionate about. I have been trying to figure out ways to combine them all because I knew that there is so much I could do and give to the world. I decided to create a blog to channel in on everything. I figured I could get a fan base started and try to connect with people so they could truly get to know my character, and me, who I was. I figured I had enough social media friends that would support, like and share what I was doing.

I was completely wrong. I am not getting the responses that I thought I would be getting. Not even feedback, at least to help make it better. Even those who are close to me, who made promises to my face, are not giving the support that they gassed me up with, making me feel I had a team behind me. As the months go by it is getting easier to want to throw in the towel. In addition, those five people who actually support will not miss it, right?

All my life is was easy to walk away from something without giving it a second thought. I did not have people to stay in my butt to complete my goals and dreams, giving me the reason to think giving an excuse was the okay way out. Only I am to blame. We have to take responsibility for our own decisions, not others. Even if we were not taught, as we grow as individuals, so should our mindset. I will admit, I was a little late grasping the concept thinking I could slide through life on a pretty smile.

Have you ever just sat down to think on life and all the things you have accomplished? I am not talking about the things that is expected of us, because we can often get responsibilities confused with goals and dreams. Like maintaining your household and taking care of your kids, or even just being a good wife/husband. We have to understand the difference.

If it is a known pattern for us, it is time to break the chain now! NO MORE EXCUSES! How can we succeed if we do not believe in ourselves, push ourselves! I understand it can seem lonely and discouraging at times, but it’s our job to push through. I am on a mission to prove the naysayers wrong. If this is something that I am so passionate about then nothing or no one should be able to stop my hustle. We also cannot feel like everyone is against us. There are many different ways to support someone and just because it’s not in plain sight sometimes, do not mean your loved ones are not by your side like they promised.

At the end of the day, we can let our minds wander a million miles an hour and create as many excuses as to why we can give up. However, you will only be failing yourself, disappointing yourself. Have the strength and the faith to face the hard times head on! We all know the saying, “Faith without works is dead”! James 2:26. We must plant the seed, water the seed and watch the many seasons it go throw as it grows. WE CAN’T GIVE UP NOW! I BELIEVE IN US!

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