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Do right by YOU or FAIL yourself

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority. If you don't take care of yourself then you can't take care of a family. Being a wife and a mother has big responsibilities and it isn't all peaches and cream. As women its easy for others to point out our weaknesses but even in our weakest hour we are strong.

Often times we overlook a lot of little things and push it off to handle more issues we think are serious, like our health. It's a must that we take our health more seriously. I see a lot of women living life while at the same time letting themselves go. We get so happy and comfortable that we don't see those underlining issues. When we get married we get too comfortable and when we have babies we make excesses as if it's acceptable. Do right by you or fail yourself.

I say all this to say i'm struggling like the next woman. I'm trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. When we get married it is one of the most happiest times of our lives. We are so happy that we are living it up eating good on date nights, laid up on movie nights, and if you have children, baking it up like a master chef. All of that sounds happy and exciting right? For me it was eeeeeeeverything. I've never been so happy.

While being so happy I was letting myself go without even realizing it. I didn't notice the unhealthy weight gain until I started having problems with my knees. Being only 5'3 and knocked kneed there is only so much my body can handle. Of course my husband will always support me and love me no matter what, so he say lol but why put him through that when he is keeping up what he started to get the woman he wanted. Why not take care of the woman that I want to be myself, that's me failing me. I see a lot of women who have gained unhealthy weight and will give an excuse to why and why they can't loose it. I don't want to be that woman.

Our mental health is just as important. Don't Let anyone tell you that talking to someone makes you weak. You know who I am referring to? A therapist! A therapist is a good source to have in your life. Talking to pooh pooh nem in the streets is not. There are people out here who use your pain and suffering as a natural high because they can't find their happiness. All I'm saying is be careful who you pour out information to. It can definitely affect your mental when they play with your emotions.

There are so many ways to fail yourself and you not know it until it reaches its peak. I'm here to say you are not the only one out there. I too have failed myself more times than I could count in more ways than I would like share. As a conquer I refuse to give up and allow myself to roll around in my failures. I'm making steps in the right directions and although there will be times I fall short I will never give up and you shouldn't either. Do right by you, or fail yourself.

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