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"Get Back Up!!"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

We all have been through trials and tribulations throughout our lives. Some worse than others. Even when life throws you curve balls you should never stop pursuing better for yourself. Too often in my life giving up seemed to be the easy route, but It was never the best. When things got difficult I would run away getting into something new with unresolved results. That's definitely a bad trait to have. Now as an adult, I had to learn and force myself to see things through no matter the level of discomfort.

I started my blog in January of this year. Super excited I had everything planned out how I wanted it to go. I had so many great ideas set forth, but I didn't have an audience. So, I decided to build up my followers before I went hard at these great ideas that no one would see. I decided to start off with just my blog posts and what I thought were cute little videos to draw people in. My husband was proof reading and giving his input as my right hand man and biggest supporter. He was so excited for me. My head was filled with expectations because I just knew the 3000 friends I had on Facebook would rack up my views and subscriptions.

Little did I know what was really to be expected? It seemed like I had just turned invisible. Nobody was liking my posts or videos. No one gave my blog website a second look, and if they did it wasn't to support because nobody was subscribing, following or sharing. After a while I started to ask people, which started to feel like begging, for my work to be given a chance. I had maybe 5 people who would check it out and only 2 people who were actually consistent at liking and sharing my work. One was my husband.

So many times I felt like giving up. Calling it quits. Telling myself maybe I'm not meant to do this. Then I noticed that this was a constant pattern for me. GIVING UP. The light bulb finally came on in my dark tunnel. If I couldn't steer the car then what was the point of me driving? If I couldn't walk the walk then what was the point of me making moves? Was I truly putting in the work at my full potential? Was I really giving good content and relatable items to my viewers? Did I truly believe in myself?

All these questions were hitting me like a hurricane wind. How could I expected to gain the followers, believers and supporters that I felt I deserved if I didn't believe in myself? "Somebody gone catch that!!!" If I can't focus on one task, actually completing it and staying consistent, how was any of my ideas going to manifest itself?

I had fallen, but it was time to GET BACK UP! Nothing in life will come easily and it definitely will not happen if you don't go hard for it. Don’t have high expectation from anyone, but yourself. No matter how big or small you should never slack nor overlook what could be. Growth comes from life experiences and we should embrace it to the fullest. Conquer what belongs to you and watch it blossom.

~Ebony Desha~

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