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Getting Things Done...

Sometimes having a full plate can be a distraction to the underlying issues that are not being handled. Things we overlook unknowingly because we are so quick to be on to the next thing. This could cause mood swings, stress, depression or weight gain without us even paying attention, then BOOM we don't know what happened.

I took a break from my main social media pages and deleted Facebook completely. For me, a few months just for some self-love, self-care and simply completing a few goals without distraction was what I needed the most. I'm already an over thinker and I would plan things over and over. I needed time to be invisible, to be in my own little world to focus. As much excitement as I am getting from creating content for my blog, I realized that my blog will never flourish if I'm not taking care of me.

It's one thing to encourage, uplift and push other Queens, but was I taking my own advice? Stress was starting to consume me and I was staring to loose peace day by day. I was allowing work, school, wife duties, mother duties, blog duties etc... to swallow me alive. I was drowning for a second, or was I simply overthinking it all? When my husband told me that I wasn't looking like myself anymore and broke it down in detail, I knew I had to stop and regroup before I completely loose Ebony.

So I decided to go on a self-care journey for a little while. It was time for me to walk the path I was preaching out to others. My family needs me at my best and I surely didn't want to let them down. I knew it was some things I needed to buckle down on and that was starting with school. I was a high school drop out, and college drop out. This was a personal goal that is near and dear to my heart. After being out of school for 9 years I am finally back in the game. I failed one class my first semester back in the fall and I took it pretty hard. I knew I had to buckle down and focus. Spring semester came and I was playing no games, YOUR GIRL MADE THE DEANS LIST! You wouldn't even believe the excitement in my heart and spirt. I'm now completing summer school and it looks like your girl will be on the deans list again. One more semester and I will have completed my Associates degree.

It might seem small to some, but this is definitely one big accomplishment as I will be the first of my siblings and parents to receive a degree. Of course it doesn't stop there because I'm already set to continue on to my bachelors and who knows the plan God has instore for me after that. You might look up one day and see Dr. in front of my name.

This summer I have been able to check a lot off of my vision board and it has been beyond satisficing. The support of my husband and kids will always be the icing on the cake. People can speak on your name, your past and continue to point and laugh, but remember God always has the finally say so. Always take care of you Queen, remember you got this!

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