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Go Hard or Go Home!

We can never foresee the future and what's going to happen down the road. All we can do is plan, then prepare for any obstacles that may come our way. Boy did 2022 have some obstacles for me! I thought I had everything planned down to the wire but I realized that my time management was way off. Not only was it off, but I had way too much on my plate, plus the unforeseen events. In the midst of it all, I still wasted a lot of time that I could have utilized properly.

I am a full-time mother, wife, student, and worker. Sounds like a lot, and it can be at times, but I still had enough time to work toward my dreams and aspirations in life. Most of the time we overlook the time we waste "resting". I know it sounds crazy because we all need our rest, yet at the same time we make time for the things we want in our lives. As a planner, I like to look at a layout and configure a time frame for everything. This can sometimes be a problem because I am also an overthinker and perfectionist. A trait that has caused me to hold myself back from finishing up a lot of tasks toward my dream.

Yes, when I come home from a long day at work, complete some school work, and deal with the household {kids & husband}, your girl is tired. When I finally sit down, I don't want to be bothered and I don't want to move. Sounds okay right? I thought so initially until I started seeing opportunities pass me by. Reality hit that I was getting older! I'm not saying time is running out but what example am I setting for my kids, if they don't see me going hard for my goals/dreams? Or does it seem like I'm being too hard on myself?

I am learning to give myself grace. However, I am also learning to break certain habits that we deem okay that could potentially hold us back and keep us content with where we are in life. I encourage you to do something different than your normal routine. Let's stop making excuses as to why we can't complete a task and watch how our accomplishments flourish!

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