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"Leaving the hate behind......"

We live in a world today where it seems like everything you do is competition. When your doing something you love, you are copying what is already being done. Other people will try to put salt on your name, your business, do anything to be the person on top. It seems like when they took prayer out of public places, love was taking away as well.

What happened to us? Why is it so hard to support and uplift the next person trying to live their happiest and best life? Why do we enjoy seeing other people surfer? Why are we showing our children that greed and envy is acceptable? Why are we making this the new normal?

We can sit around all day talking about it and asking those why questions at the top of our lungs. As the world evolves so should we as the saying goes, but we are the world so why no be the examples we want to see. Social media is the leading platform in today's society. Any and everyone can create a platform and build a fan base that people will incorporate in their everyday lives. So lets make a positive impact and spread the love. Who said only one person can have and idea and make it great.

There are so many different ways to create a specific thing that it should empower a ripple effect. I don't care how many people out there that has a blog, no blogs/blogger are the same. I know plenty of photographers and all of their work is unique and represents them individually. When we come across someone doing something similar we should automatically support and encourage them. Building business bonds are another type of relationship that we should be excited to have.

Leaving the hate behind should be a new trend that we all should follow, encourage and enforce. You can't expect greatness if you're not putting it out in the atmosphere.

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