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New Beginnings?

It's a new day, a new week, a new month, its a new YEAR! Ayyyyyyyyyyeeeee it's 2021!

First off what a blessing it is to be granted the opportunity to witness a new time line in our lives. New beginnings for everyone in every aspect. But what does new beginnings intel for you? What does it mean?

For me it's all about goals and making the vision clear. Last year, I created a vision board of everything I want to accomplish in the next five years. One of those goals was to finish my college degree. This might not be a big deal to most but, to a few, you would understand where I'm coming from. I made the leap and started class back in August 2020.

I can honestly say I'm still alive after my first semester back in school after five years of being out. It wasn't as easy as I thought is was going to be and I didn't manage my time properly to stay ahead of the game. A cycle I quickly saw myself sliding back into. I dropped out of high school my senior year at the age of 18. Found out I was pregnant at 19 and gave birth at 20. I didn't get my GED till I was 23 and enrolled in college two months later.

College, the first go around was a struggle. I was coming out of a relationship that I was very much a dependent in and never really been out on my own. I had no solid support system established and help only came at a price. I wasn't managing my time wisely and I wasn't giving it my all. I eventually fell back into the same pattern and dropped out of college. My life during those years were unbalanced and your girl was all over the place. I was trying to figure things out, with my guard up and stubborn. I was hurting myself in ways that I couldn't see. My life was a hot mess for awhile.

Nothing or no one stays the same, that's a true cycle of insanity that I was not willing to stay in. God didn't give up on me and we all know people do with the quickness. Most importantly I didn't give up on my self. There were times I definitely let myself down and I felt worthless, BUT GOD!!!

When God see you working, blessings start to flow unexpectedly. I was able to finally pull my life together and get on track. My son and I was stable. I was finally maintaining like a big girl, lol. Like the woman I was suppose to be. Fell in love, then BOOM! I was married. BOOM! After 10 years with one child, God blessed me with another baby boy and three beautiful step-daughters. None of it was planned but it was all in God's timing.

God knew what I needed and He delivered in a major way. No man has ever supported and believed in me the way my husband do. He pushes me passed the limits that I set for myself and holds me accountable. Yeaaaaaaaa I win sometimes but, when it comes to getting things done my husband shows no mercy and accepts no excuses. When you set a goal believe me he will not let you hear the end of it.

What made school easier this go around was the support. You should know by now how amazing my husband is but, my job also supports me. I'm allowed to do my school work in the office and everyone helps with homework in any way they can. Now its on me to put in the work. I was slipping a little with time management and I even was saying maybe school is just not for me. But, of course my husband always checks me and puts me back in place to finish what I say I'm going to do. Getting passed this first semester was a new beginning for me. A new beginning of accomplishments!! Accomplishments like never before.

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