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Our VP is a WOMAN! A WOMAN of COLOR at that!

We all know that history has been made with our new Vice President being the first woman and of color to sit in that command. A true game changer and light for us as a nation. Little girls can add to their dreams and possibilities without limitations. Even though with greatness there will always be negativity, we now can't say that this has never been done.

No matter what you do in life someone will always have something to say. Just like most people say, I don't care what others think of me. I'm pretty sure our VP is saying the same thing about those who are trying to tare her success down with negativity. That definitely use to be my downfall, peoples opinions. I have missed out on a lot of opportunities because I let what others had to say affect me in negative ways. If we don't teach our daughters at a young age how to be strong spiritually and confident in themselves then they will fall for anything. They will allow people to chain them down with negativity, blocking them from reaching their purpose in life.

We can all agree to disagree about our Vice President and her nationality, what she identifies as, what she did on her previous job, so on and so on. Just remember nobody supported every decision you made in life, the jobs you had or even what you might identify as, but you pushed through anyway. Kamala Harris pushed through! She pushed through with the support she had, she was not worried about pleasing everyone. Its life right!?

Hearing and reading the negativity on our VP made me reflect on myself like never before. You know the saying, "it will click one day". Well it finally CLICKED for me. Realizing how far she has come despite what others had to say, how they felt, their lack of support, made me feel on top of the world. If she got to the White house, then how far am I willing to push through to reach my goals. THINK ABOUT IT QUEENS AND CONQUER YOUR DREAMS!

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