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"Refocus" because you're off track

My brain runs a million miles per second and just won't shut off sometimes. I have so many great ideas that pop up back to back. It would seem at times that I am overlapping myself with things I want to accomplish, yet I still hold myself from my true potential.

I am the true definition of an overthinker. I overanalyze everything that crosses my mind. Sometimes I feel it's a curse because it holds me back from following many of my dreams and goals. It started as a child who was never given validation and understanding throughout life. Every move I made was to please others or to gain acceptance to not feel like an outsider, but it never worked. This led me to become a perfectionist. Every idea that I have would always be floating in the air because I'm always trying to perfect it instead of making it happen and growing with it as it progressed. I should have been in the career that I wanted, I should have started that business I wanted, I should have started that brand that I wanted, and I should have been walking in my purpose. Sometimes we can only blame ourselves.

I started my blog to focus on my healing journey while enjoying life and accomplishing goals and dreams while supporting other women. That quickly shifted into me focusing on other women, then when other women started rejecting me, again I fled back into my overthinking mode all while forgetting the main purpose, which was me. I do everything with a pure heart, but others are stuck on a bandwagon of hate. Some people will never support you "just because", and their "just because" will never be justified. Growing up I use to always dwell on why someone didn't like me, but it was never meant for me to truly understand. I was allowing hate to pull me away from my greatness. My lack of confidence was not allowing the sun to seep in and shine. Holding myself back while being trapped inside my own mind.

Well, I've "Refocused" my energy on so many levels. I'm learning myself like never before all while giving myself time to process life in its current state. We can lose ourselves being so focused on the past. Live in the moment while focusing on your future. I'm learning to be my biggest cheerleader, all while loving on those who truly love and support me.

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