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This Will Never Be A Competition!

I make it my mission to do everything from the heart in every aspect of my being. From being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, co-worker and friend, everything pouring out of me is genuine.

When I started my blog , it became my outlet to release everything that my heart desired. In my past it was like I was rejecting myself. I was caging up what my very soul yarned for, so many creative ideas, talents to be shared, and connections to be made. My blog became my voice.

This platform means a lot to me because I can express myself while reaching other girls and women just like me. Ladies who are harder on themselves than the weight of the world. To be able to encourage and cheer on another Queen is so fulfilling to me. I didn't have that growing up, I was alone, confused and uncomfortable with myself. I would always search and reach out to women for guidance, but I was rejected or ignored. I didn't fit in anyone's clique. I definitely don't want any girl or woman to feel alone, rejected or not worthy.

That's why what I do will never be a competition! Its so crazy to think people will not support you in your endeavors simply because they are doing something similar or they are trying to be loyal to someone else who is doing something similar. Everybody wants the spotlight but skip out on the genuine connections. The actual purpose of making a difference in someone's life. Actually lifting another woman's crown when she is down. WHY? Spread the love, we all can use positive vibes being given out in all directions.

The goal is to work in unity not competition. I get so excited seeing other women with the same vision. It takes more than one woman to help encourage, uplift and push another Queen. Hating on another woman's journey of conquering and winning is a cry for help. We need each other just like a house with a solid foundation.

We are living in a world where women are underestimated and not protected so we must stand for US. We have to fight for US. We have to cheer each other on, for US! The vision should align with every woman no matter our platforms, we should always get excited seeing another woman winning and beating the odds.

I'm only in competition with myself, to better myself and to be a better influencer showing other women that the sky isn't the limit and you can heal, conquer and win at any given moment.

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