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"What A Queen!" with Jasmine Duhon

I love seeing other mommies doing their thang! It inspires me everyday and warms my heart to know that women are succeeding. And I'm talking about in major ways!

Meet Mrs. Jasmine Duhon, a mother, wife, sister and aunt. Did I mention that this Queen is a scientist!?! YES QUEEN! Be the vision for or mini queens to see. She is also the founder and creator of Beauty Blends by Jasmine LLC. You can check her out and purchase her products at . You can also follow her social media platforms via Instagram: @_jduhon/ @beautyblendsbyjasmine.

We all know that self love is key. Jasmine feels that for her, self love looks like showing up for herself everyday so that she can show up for others. Remembering to give herself grace and not judge her decisions made yesterday with the wisdom gained today."

The reasoning behind what she do is simply being the solution to a growing problem. Four years ago, Jasmine suffered from postpartum hair loss/ alopecia. Months after having her first child she was determined to find a product to help this problem that most moms face. Jasmine never knew about it until she suffered from it and all the products in the stores couldn't help. Of course she is a scientist so yawl know where this story is going. After years of research she finally came up with the perfect concoction and it grew her 4c natural hair to her waist. Doesn't that make you want to try out some new products! God gave her a vision to share her growth oil with the world and the rest was history in the making!!

She lives by one of many scriptures, 2 Timothy 1:7

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

Here is what Jasmine wanted you to know;

"I am a mother, scientist, wife, daughter, sister and friend but most importantly I am a child of God."

Don't you just love them Kingdom Kids with a pop of Black Girl Magic! What A Queen!!

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