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"What A Queen!" with Jerrica Abram

I don't know about you but I love seeing women taking charge of their life. Especially when it comes to owning and operating their own business. With every piece in me I want to support every Queen I see conquering.

Ms. Jerrica Abram is killing the game with her accessory line, "Earring Kulture LLC", as well as her newly launch apparel line, "Kulturedaf". You get definitely get some amazing and quality products by making purchases at . You can also show love and support her platform by following her via Instagram: @earringkulture/ @kulturedaf.

Jerrica is a country girl who loves nature and all things LOVE! A lot of her business inspiration comes from nature, love and experience. She hopes when people look at her work or merchandise, they see more than just a tag. Oooooo I felt that! Embodied in her work she wants you to see her, your daughters, your mothers and yourself. What a beautiful soul!

This Queen believes that self love is living in your truth. Doing what makes you happy, and brings you peace. Mindset is everything to her, so when her mind is clear and at peace she feels loved and taken care of. When it comes to pushing through life nothing will hold her back from reaching her goals!

Here is what Jerrica had to say;

"I love what I do! It doesn't feel like real work. I also work a fulltime career which I hope to step away from at some point to be a full time entrepreneur and have more time for family, travel and things I'd love to do. Just keep swimming! {is a phase she holds near and dear to her heart} It's from "Finding Nemo", no matter what happened he kept swim. He didn't give up although he came against many obstacles along the way. He made sure to make it to his destination."

What A Queen!

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