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"What A Queen!" with Sha'Ray Morris

Back like we never left! The celebration of women out here making a statement, conquering the world will never stop as we push forward to giving flowers where flowers are due.

Say hello to Ms. Sha'Ray Morris also known as Essmorra, a talented black poet and published Author. Let's not forget a fierce member and of course one of my favorite ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She has been inspiring me since the first day we met back in junior high school. She is continuing to pave the way for little girls who love to read and express themselves through words. You can follow her on Facebook & Instagram: @essmorra and Twitter: @essmorrafft

You can purchase her book by clicking on the link below:

For Essmorra self love is embracing herself even when she doesn't want to and allowing herself to accept self evolution. "I'm not the same person I was yesterday, last week or last year", said Essmorra. She believes that self love can be different things for many people because we're all designed differently. "I just want to grow and be better than I was before".

Writing helps her to release and it is also self liberating. Essmorra feels free to write down any ideas that flow without fear of judgement because she has the faith and courage to stand behind her words. Every emotion and experience that she has walked in life has helped her to be more expressive. Through her eyes she believes that writing can save people because it saved her. When her courage was at an all time high she pushed past her limits to write her first published poetry book, "Who Hurt You Sis". A leap of faith that showed her just how strong and powerful her voice is in a world full of misunderstanding.

Her favorite quote comes from Toni Morrison;

"A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves a special kind of double".

Here is what Essmorra wanted you to know;

"I am a multidimensional writer, I write poetry, short stories or whatever I feel like creating. So I guess you can say I'm a story teller. By the way short stories are my first love but these days I've been writing more poetry".


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