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"What a Queen! with Tanisha Moore

What a sight it is to see a woman in prayer. The power behind a strong woman who connects to God on a deeper level is unbreakable. Those who can come in agreement on your behalf, shows that God leaves no man behind.

Tanisha was born in Pine Bluff, AR, were she also raised her two children. At a young age, Tanisha was taught the importance and the power of prayer. In 2008 she recognized that there was a calling on her life.

Author of "Broken and Barren", founder of "I Am Tanisha Moore, The Purposed Woman", and now, you can catch her every Tuesday at 5am on "The Secret Place", a morning prayer call. Her platform is set to empower, encourage and motivate girls and women to not allow their failures or mistakes to define them. You must check her out at, you can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook @iamtanishamoore.

Self love to her means to no longer settle for what life hands you. No longer seeking validation from man. You love yourself enough to know that God didn't make a mistake with you. Whoever doesn't accept or value you, isn't for you. God has BETTER! Oooowwwweee I felt that!!!

Here is what Tanisha wanted you to know;

"My reason for what I do is because many people are broken due to their failures and mistakes. Feeling as though they can't comeback from them. My message is it doesn't matter what you have done. God Can Still Use You! There is purpose for your life. You are not define by your failures or mistakes. Those are things you have experienced."

God will use ANYBODY! She knows this for a fact as being a manifestation herself of 1 Corinthians 1:27

Tanisha is very active in her church, "Full Counsel-Pine Bluff" were we build strong faith, sound families, and secure futures. She is apart of the media team, serves as a prayer Intercessor and heads the Singles Ministry. I have witnessed and heard this awesome women speak and I know God favors her, because it is a proven fact that she is beyond deserving! WHAT A QUEEN!

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