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"What the eyes are overlooking..."

I had to catch myself and do a reality check, so many times with so many different situations. Our very eyes will overlook the very thing(s) that we desire right in front of us. For me it was simply love. Love from all angles, relationships, friendships, family-ships, lol I know that's not a real word, but lets run with it for a sec.

I made myself vulnerable by being desperate for love. I was clinging to anyone who showed me a little attention. I was pouring out my emotions and insecurities thinking this would make others trust and love me more. I was allowing men to continue to hurt and control me just to fill a void. I was willing to loose myself just to simply have love from others. It was truly the worst phase of my life.

In the mist of me searching, I was overlooking and passing the love that was in my presence. I had blinders on like a horse in the Kentucky derby. I was so focused on the wrong things and the wrong type of people, that I was overlooking the very thing I was craving for, LOVE.

Love starts in the home. Growing up you first learn and experience love from your parents. I grew up with only my mother and she showed and taught me love the best that she knew how. No parent is perfect and just because your childhood is different from others don't mean the love was not there.

Sometimes we can overthink what love looks like. Not fully understanding the many different forms and ways someone can show love. Most of us live in a fairy tale of what love is, simply because its easier to dream. Love isn't all rainbows and butterflies. Love is being held accountable when you're in the wrong. Love is pushing you past you're limits when you feel like throwing in the towel.

You can force yourself to miss out on what your heart desires. The people who truly have your best interest at heart don't deserve to hear you complain especially when their love is being overlooked. It's not fair to them. Take the time to slow down and look at your surroundings. Be thankful for the people and the love that is there. Never underestimate those who love you unconditionally. You haven't truly been searching for love that is missing until you have lost the love that is overlooked.

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