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"Who has control?"

We are born in this world alone. Unless we're a twin but even then, we can only live one life. If brought up the right way, we are taught to be a leader and not a follower. To make our own decision and choices without someone always having to tell us. Born as little girls, transitioning into a women, we have it a little harder. You know the saying, "girls mature faster than boys". So why aren't we taken more seriously when it comes to equality? Always having to prove ourselves as if it’s not obvious that we are brilliant. A lot of us, even when giving the tools still struggle to take our destiny into our own hands. Low self-esteem and self-doubt kills a lot of our dreams, goals and ambitions. We even allow others to kill what little we grasp, then we give up. All of us have a talent. I would say multiple talents. We must be strong enough to conquer those talents and put them to good use. Why are we so quick to let people who wish they had the talents that we do be the ones to dictate whether we are good enough? Why do we allow others to tell us what is good as if there are not many different varieties to many different categories? There is so much to grasp in the world, not just in fashion & entertainment but politics, education, engineering, etc. Not everybody can do the same as the next person because even if you’re doing the same thing, its different in so many ways. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. I too will admit I started off trying to be a singer. I dropped out off high school and moved to a new state. I didn’t put in the work like I should have, and I was dealing with the wrong people. I was even letting intimidation get the best of me. I lost my way and gave up. I let something tragic steal my voice and I would never approach singing the same as I did in the past. I had lost my confidence. Why would I let anything take that much power and control over something God blessed in my body and soul? Low self-esteem and self-doubt. We must take care of ourselves like we take care of our children. We must be overprotective of ourselves as we are of our children. Seeing other women conquer excites me and make me proud to be a woman. I’m always going to support and uplift another woman. I’m always going to tell another woman that she is beautiful and that her presence is needed. Role models for our mini queens are always needed. Sister hood and support is always needed. From all walks of life, no segregation. Women in general should always have a united front of unit. You might have been negative Nancy in the past, I’ll admit I was, but you can be positive Patricia in the now 😊. I’m rooting for you Queens; we can take this walk together!

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